2017 Exhibition View Collection

About MarvalArt

At Marval, O’Farrell & Mairal we have always supported art in all its manifestations. For this reason, since 2017, we have decided to reinforce these cultural values  by launching an initiative called MarvalArt.

MarvalArt is a temporary art exhibition that will be renewed every year. We offer this exhibition in our building in addition to our Permanent Collection. The exhibition includes paintings, photographs and sculptures by Argentine artists and ones from other South American countries.

Visitors to our building will be able to appreciate the artwork which is on sale here.  MarvalArt 2017, includes the following artworks.

Those interested in purchasing any of the artwork from MarvalArt exhibition, may contact our curator, Ms. Corina Bellati. Marval, O´Farrell & Mairal is not involved in the sale of these artworks, only in offering a free exhibition space.

As well as promoting the work of these artists, this initiative will strengthen our pro bono activities, as a percentage of the sale of the artwork will be allocated to sponsor one of the NGOs with which we regularly work.

In this first year, we will be working with Familias de Esperanza, an association that provides support and care to children in situations of social vulnerability who have been transferred from government agencies.

With this proposal, we align two valuable aspects that define our firm: support for artistic expression and promotion of pro bono work.