Social Responsibility

As well as promoting the work of these artists, this initiative will strengthen our pro bono activities, as a percentage of the sale of the artwork will be allocated to sponsor one of the organizations with which we regular work.

The first edition of this initiative consisted of 22 art works that were displayed for 365 days in Marval´s offices. In 2017, Familias de Esperanza was the chosen NGO, an association that provides support and care to children in situations of social vulnerability who have been transferred from government agencies.

This year, we will be working with Música para el Alma (Music for the Soul), a charitable project that takes music to institutions helping people that are going through difficult situations.

About Música para el Alma

Música para el Alma is a charitable project created by musicians from symphony orchestras and choirs that brings musical activities to hospitals, special needs schools, nursing homes and public welfare institutions to accompany people who are going through difficult situations.

Their aim is to use music as an instrument to bring human contact to those people who are going through difficult situations. To achieve this goal, they gather excellent musicians from Argentine professional orchestras and from other countries such as Uruguay, Chile, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Paraguay, Colombia, Italy, France and Israel.

This project started when María Eugenia Rubio, a young flautist from the Juan de Dios Filiberto National Orchestra of Argentine Music, was struggling with a severe disease. Whilst facing her own suffering, she recognized the strong connection music offers and decided to create a project to bring music to those in need due to an illness, social marginalization, disabilities, etc.

Música Para el Alma was created to spread affection, compassion and inclusion through music.

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